Chinese Visa

Documents required for Chinese Visa



Normal Urgent
3 months 1 Entry 125 180
3 months 2 Entries  
145 195
6 months multi-entries  160 210
12 months multi-entries 195 245
24 months multi-entries 
250 300




Tourism L

  • Visa form
  • Passport: original + photocopy
  • Resident Certificate + photocopy (for non French nationality)
  • Identity photo (48mm*33mm)
  • 3 last pay slips / 3 last bank statement (At least 1200€ in the account)
  • Certificate of residence
  • Certificate of insurance
  • Flight ticket

For those who cannon provide a certificate of salary, their parents can also provide theirs for garantee, 3 last pay slips / 3 last bank statement of certificate of engagement, a certificate of relationship (Birth certificate/ family record book).

Business M

  • Same as Tourism Visa, plus :
  • Invitation letter (company / government, a stamp is necessary), signed by representative of company / government
  • Delegation letter / Certificate of employee

Family Regroupment / visit Chinese Citizen or foreigne resident in China Q

  • The same as visa Tourism, plus :
  • If one of the Chinese family member take the garantee, the pay slips and the certificate of residence will not be necessary
  • Identity Card of a family member + photocopy + telephone number
  • Invitation letter

Children under 18 years old

  • Family book / certificate of birth
  • Declaration of authorization of one of the parent who travel in China with the child. (The declaration must be signed by both parents, father and mother)
  • Identity card + photocopy of father and mother. (in case of divorce, a certificate of divorce is needed to be present, notarized the name of the guardian of the children)

Important : A passport of minimum 6 months' validity is necessary and need to have two blank pages.

Visa UK





所需资料 如下:


  1. 有效护照及复印件
  2. 一张彩色照片 45*35
  3. 身份证及复印件
  4. 结婚证正本+复印件(单身无需提供)以及出生公证正本+复印件
  5. 工作证明,职位以及三个月工资单正本+复印件(如果为小孩则提供父母一方的最后三个月工资单)
  6. 银行证明或三个月银行单正本+复印件
  7. 机票火车票 (本社提供)
  8. 在英国停留住宿证明 (本社提供)
  9. EDF
  10. 学生请提供学校证明,学生证,下一年注册证明



  • 递件需本人前去,因需按手印存档。
  • 费用:总共185欧元( 如需要护照寄到家中,需再加30欧元领馆邮寄费用)

Visa USA

Required Documents 美国签证材料准备清单

  • 护照A passport.
  • 有 条形码的确认页Complete the Nonimmigrant Visa Electronic Application, Form DS160. After completing the DS160, you must print the confirmation page. This page should contain a bar code which you will have to bring with you to the interview.
  • 护照规格的照片 白色底 彩色照A passport photograph taken within the last 6 months (5 cm X 5 cm) for each applicant, regardless of age, clearly showing the full face against a white background, ears are exposed, no dark glasses nor head covering (unless the applicant's religion prohibits the absence of a head covering).
  • 客人亲自去邮局付128欧签证费,请将récépissé à garder parl'expéditeur 的原件和申请材料一起带到签证当日。签证处不收支票和现金,或者邮政收据的复印件。签证费不能退还,
    Account CCP#2006 L.

Every application must pay a non refundale visa application fee in Euros for the equivalent of 160 US dollars(128 euros)The market exchange rate is different then the consular exchange rate! As proof of payment you must obtain an original postal receipt from any French Post Office ("récépissé à garder parl'expéditeur"), which must be submitted with each visa application. Checks, cash or photocopies of a postal receipt will not be accepted at the time of your application. The postal receipt will include the following information
Account CCP#2006 L.

  • 一个Chronopost的信封。记下来信封的号码以便追踪。
    One self addressed Chronopost envelope (one per family)Chronopost is available at any French Post Office. The applicant is responsible for recording the envelope's tracking number and contacting the Post Office if the envelope does not arrive.
  • 所有能证明你这次旅游目的的有利纸张,如旅游则不需太多,但是材料 越完全越有利于签证通过。Copies of documents that show the purpose of your trip to the U.S. If the purpose of your trip is tourism, you do not need to show any documents. If the purpose of your trip is business, you should show evidence of your business contacts in the U.S. If the purpose of your trip is work, you should show a letter from your employer.
  • 资金证明, 证明你有足够的钱供你旅游。例如工资单,银行存款证明,他人给你出资的证明。所有有利于签证通过的资产证明。Convincing documents to show that you have sufficient funds to cover all expenses in the U.S. or how those expenses will be met by another. Examples include your last month’s bank statements, or if your trip is sponsored by another, a letter from the sponsor with bank statements as proof.
  • 纸张证明您去美国旅游之后还会回来,如是员工,需要您的老板写一封信证明您在法国有工作,并且从美国回来后会继续工作。需要附加工作合同或者工作证明。如是自主开店老板,请提供您的kbis,房产,入股分红等证明。
    Proof of your intention to leave the U.S. after a temporary stay. Examples include a letter from your employer stating that you have a job in your home country, a work contract from same, or documents proving ownership of a house.


  • 来法国几年?
  • 在法国做什么?
  • 什么时候去美国?(我们旅行社为客人准备了机票预订单,仅用于签证,请客人仔细查看往返 时间,回答与预订单时间一致)
  • 去美国做什么?
  • 美国是否有亲戚?
  • 去美国住在哪里?(我们旅行社为客人准备了酒店预订单,仅用于签证,请客人仔细查看入住地点和时间,回答与预订单内容一致)
  • 经济来源,是否有足够的钱用于旅游?
  • 简单陈述您的旅行计划。(时间,地点,人物,事情)

Visa HongKong


Passport (Original et Photocopy)

Titre de Sejour (Original et Photocopy)


A photo

Visa Taiwan


Passport (Original et Photocopy)

Titre de Sejour (Original et Photocopy)


A photo