Book your jet 4 places via the booking space on our website. A plane can be booked to and from all airports served by our company (1200 airports in total) at any time of day, 365 days a year.

The company then offers its availability in real time according to your needs and your desires.

Reservations can also be made by telephone, a simple call to our number: 0149968888.


The company promises you a warm welcome on arrival at the airport.

Specify your needs when booking and the company will make every effort to respond. The company organizes your arrival at the airport by taxi, motorcycle taxi or limousine. On arrival at the airport, no waiting for registration or course overbooking like a typical airline.

You can arrive at the last minute, the company takes care of your luggage, boarding is immediate. When booking, specify the services you would enjoy concierge, menus that will be served during the flight, deals with one of our partners ...

The maximum flexibility of the company gives you the opportunity to book your flight up to 3 hours before departure, every day, throughout the year.

In case of going back in the same day, the company will not charge for waiting time at destination. We only count the hours flown and no additional fees will be a forecast.

Your preferences are recorded by the company when booking.

You arrive at the airport with confidence. The flexibility of the company allows you to save time and avoid many additional costs and constraints of a regular flight (expectations at the airport, hotel nights useless ...).


French company regulated by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), Wijet is the only operator Citation Mustang jets to ensure a set of centralized and certified activities in France:

     Aircraft registered in France,
     French pilots and generally from the air force and naval aviation
     Maintenance Center at the airport of Paris-Le-Bourget.

You can arrive at the last minute at the airport, Wijet handles formalities. If your departure is another airport that Bourget Wijet can route a plane for the price of € 1,600 per flight hour to the airport of your choice (from 1200 served by the Company). Boarding will take place under the same conditions.


Just as the largest European trading companies, Wijet got its Air Transport Certificate (AOC) in 2009. This certificate is issued by the DGCA on the basis of maximum security requirements.

Obtaining this certificate guarantees you a tracking crews and aircraft stricter and more regular than in most European jet operators.


Wijet All flights are operated by a crew of two qualified pilots, a CAPTAIN and Copilot. The drivers also provide your home and assist you before, during and after your flight.